The Architects

Included in the day tour is work by:

C.T. Natusch – using the English Domestic Revival style during the 1890 – 1915 period.

F. deJ. Clere – noted for his work for the Wellington Diocese, the tour features one of his earliest and grandest houses in English half-timbered style built in 1884.

J.W. Chapman-Taylor – some of his early work in the Arts and Crafts style executed in his individual and concise style.

W.T. Higgins – An English architect residing in New Zealand between 1913 – 1925 with early examples of the Georgian Revival style showing some Arts and Crafts influence.

G.F. Allen – An early Wanganui Architect who has left a fascinating Homestead and Church in perpendicular "Carpenter Gothic" style of the 1870's.

Russell and Bignall – A Wanganui firm using Villa Style. This pattern book style they combined with highly individual floor plans.

J.C. Maddison – A Christchurch Architect with competence in a variety of styles including the Italian Pallazzo style of the 16th Century.


Historic Homes Architects


The homes include details from the Christchurch exhibition of 1905-06, high quality workmanship not expected so early in New Zealand's colonial life and glorious New Zealand timbers rarely seen in such quantity since those times.


Jarrah from West Australia, Marseille tiles, wallpapers, decorative plaster and tile work are also to be seen.


The contents of these homes often date from their early years, but they are living homes and as such have an interest and life not given to institutions.


Set in rural New Zealand often removed from public view, with mature grounds and little change since their construction, they provide a wonderful experience for the visitor.